Continuity of support to Step by Step

We are thrilled to announce that we have chosen to fund continuity of support to Step by Step, based in Aldershot, for their First Steps programme for 2017.

“The First Steps programme was a great success last year and due to the excellent support and guidance provided by the ‘Talent Coach’, the popularity of the sessions are rising and we expect this to continue. In 2016 Step by Step supported 75 young people through the First Steps programme at the Aldershot foyer and we expect to sustain this level over the next 12 months”.

Progression includes:

  • 2 Young People started college
  • 2 Young People started a Princes Trust Course
  • 1 Young Person transitioned from PT employment to FT employment
  • 9 Young People gained employment
  • 1 Young Person started volunteering
  • 6 Young People had a positive move-on (external or Step 2)

With our donation we can increase the First Steps programme for 2017 in the Aldershot foyer, to ten hours per week and increase sessions to 2, 2hour sessions per week, rather than the current 1, 2 hour session.
Our donation of £5000 would support 31 learners out of the expected 75

Case Study

Young Person A: This young person has progressed a lot since being at Step by Step. His attendance to our sessions has increased his confidence in working and speaking with other people. When he arrived he was in place to attend a traineeship but lacked the motivation and confidence to take charge of the travel arrangements and therefore missed out on this opportunity. On moving into Step by Step in Aldershot the young person was quiet and unsure of what he was planning to do. He was good at taking lots of opportunities but less able to follow them through. He has gained a lot of knowledge from different First Steps sessions that he has taken part in, especially the healthy eating sessions. He has gained the confidence to speak clearly with staff and ask for help where he needs it.

This young person has learned to respect others and also the importance of sticking to agreed plans. He has become a good role model for others and is looking to move up to the more independent accommodation in Step 2 in the near future. He has begun to challenge other young people who use inappropriate language and encourages others in join in on sessions and grasp the different opportunities that are available to them

There is a noticeable difference in his behaviour and self esteem since moving in. After attending the First Steps programme he started to attend the princes Trust and his involvement and achievements are well recognised and deserved. He has sustainrd the princes Trust course and is looking to complete at the end of the year.