Further Funding for Step by Step

BREAKING NEWS: Continuation of funding for Step by Step in Aldershot.

We are pleased to have been able to donate a further £5000 to Step by Step in Aldershot who support homeless young people. With this money they are able to fund the First Steps programme for a third year.

We asked Step by Step to let us know what has been achieved in the last 12 months:

“As discussed with Emma Joyce, who works with young people on this project, although the number of young people supported in 2017 is lower than 2016, we feel this reflects our focus on quality not quantity as we are seeing improved progression rates up from 51% to 65%.

As this is an internal service for young people who are resident at our Aldershot Foyer, a number of young people accessing it are dictated to by the number of young people we accommodate and the speed at which this turns over. We feel these numbers would indicate that less young people entering Step by Step are needing to access this entry level support, or having less profound progressions as a result. This allows us to work more closely with those that would greatly benefit from First Steps.”

Figures January – 8th Dec 2017
Number of YP Attended   130
Number of Individual YP 62
AQAs   164
Sessions 59
Percentage Progressed 65%


Joanne’s* Story

From day one, Joanne struggled with risky behaviours but managed to reduce the risk with the support of staff. Her understanding of risk became more realistic as previously she did not see any problem in the various activities that she was engaging in. This was assisted by the training sessions that she was able to get involved in and relate them to her own life.

They were a good source of reflection for her. It was evident that the engagement Joanne had with sessions were of huge benefit to her progression, leading to the decision to allow her the opportunity to become a Peer Mentor on an upcoming residential. She was a great Peer Mentor, encouraging and supporting those that were younger than her. Joanne was encouraged to attend Peer Education visits, delivering a presentation to 300 students in an assembly setting. She was extremely proud of herself, having previously thought that this was not something she would be able to do.

Joanne attended numerous First Steps sessions including:

  • Cooking
  • Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Money Management
  • Sexual Health and Relationships
  • Crime Prevention

Throughout Joanne’s journey with Step by Step she made many improvements in the choices she was making, she learnt to build more positive relationships and understood the need to be safe and let a member of staff know where she was. She gradually developed trust in other and Step by Step staff and became a positive role model to younger clients. She has now moved on successfully to Amber to provide her with further support and is now working on realising her career aspirations and is self-studying to learn how to become a prison officer.

In her own words….

‘I’m still unsure of what the future holds for me and what exactly I want to do, however I would like to be able to help and support people who are going through tough times. However, my main goal at the moment is to make sure I find a decent job and move into my own place and be motivated to keep that and make it nice so I don’t slip down the wrong path again.

At the start I was a very naive and dirty person. I weighed 5 and half stone and would do things that would harm people without even caring or showing remorse. However, I try to take care of my appearance now, weigh about 8 ½ stone and I worry about other people a lot. I hope in the future I am able to be a role model that people can go to for support.’

* Names have been changed