Further Funding Villiers Park

BREAKING NEWS: Continuation of funding for Villiers Park – Shaping Your Future. 

This update was provided by Villers Park

Since 2015, Shaping Your Future has provided vital support for recent Villiers Park alumni who are taking their next steps into higher education and early careers. It has also created opportunities for older Villiers Park alumni, partners and supporters to volunteer, lending their advice and guidance to young people.

Shaping Your Future:

  • Enables our young alumni to gain a realistic insight into different career paths from experienced professionals who are willing to share their wisdom, knowledge, skills and expertise.
  • Develops personal and professional skills which will set our alumni apart from other students, such as CV writing, interviewing and networking.
  • Creates networks for our alumni that they would otherwise not have access to.
  • Helps our alumni secure internships and graduate positions.


  • To date, over 230 mentors have volunteered to provide careers advice in a range of industries from commercial law to film.
  • Over 220 of our alumni have signed up to the initiative.
  • 71% of mentees surveyed said having a Career Mentor helped them follow their ideal career path.

“From being in touch with Robin I have already started to form networks with people who are employed as analytical engineers. Thank you for your support and help” Sophie, mentee of Robin, Verification Engineer

Moving Forwards

With the great support that Shaping Your Future provides for young people taking their first steps into their desired careers, we are always looking for ways to improve this initiative so that our alumni can fully utilise this great opportunity for advice and guidance.

“In the short time that I have been in communication with my mentors I have learned so much, discovered fascinating opportunities right on my doorstep and gained loads of advice for my future” Ella, mentee of Hannah, Literary Agent and Helen, Childrens Book Author

We have identified a number of potential ways to improve the mentoring experience, format and organisational administration of Shaping Your Future:

  1. Utilise online mentoring
  2. Allocate mentors based on a new set of criteria: ‘Skills4success’; industry sector; position of interest.
  3. Set a defined period of mentoring
  4. Incorporate ‘Skills4success’ into the mentoring initiative