Our first grant has been awarded!

Our first grant has been awarded to a local charity Step by Step Partnership, who empower homeless young people and those facing adversity to achieve their full potential.

After several meetings with the charity, The Emma Campbell Trust has chosen to support the ‘First Steps’ programme by donating £5000.

This prepares young people for independent living and work or education by helping to develop the life skills and prospects of young homeless people. First Steps teaches young people how to experience learning as a positive experience and teaches them key life skills. The programme is delivered on a six week rolling basis and accredited modules are delivered in 2 hour informal and interactive sessions, designed to enable the young people to achieve their goals.

There are currently 6 units that clients can complete and receive AQA unit certificates for:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Money Management
  • Personal Health
  • Sexual Health and Relationships
  • Food Hygiene

Why has The Emma Campbell Trust chosen to support this programme?

The AQA certificates that the young people receive following the First Step units are often used to demonstrate that a young person has progressed and has started to develop some of the essential life skills required to live independently. Often, these certificates can be the first formal recognition of achievement that many of the young people have ever had.

The Unit award certificates are then included on CV’s for employers or college applications and demonstrates that during times of unemployment or not in education they were engaging in services and working towards improving their own personal outcomes and using their time proactively. We feel that this programme is in line with the values of the Emma Campbell Trust.

How is our donators’ money being used?

Our donation of £5000 ensures that there will be a dedicated team of staff that can deliver this programme for four hours each week for one year. Currently the programme is underfunded and being run with limited resources. As the staff team believe it is such a vital course existing staff are being used to run the course above and beyond their main role. With your money this is now set to change.